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LAPTOP AC ADAPTOR-13-60WATT Laptop Charger

  • LAPTOP AC ADAPTOR-13-60WATT Laptop Charger
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Product Description

Cross Reference for Following Manufacturers Part Numbers:
API-7629 Libretto L5 and 080TNLN Libretto U100 Libretto U100-108 Libretto U105 PA2301U-1ACA PA2440U PA2444 PA2450U PA2484U PA3048E-1ACAB PA3048U-1ACA PA3049U-1ACA PA3080U-1ACA PA3241E-1ACAB PA3241E-2ACAB PA3241U-1ACA PA3241U-2ACA PA3282U-1ACA PA3282U-2ACA PA3377C-2ACA PA3377E-1ACA PA3377E-1ACAB PA3377E-2ACA PA3377E-2ACAB PA3378U-1ACA PA3432U-1ACA Portege 1410-S173 Portege 1410-S174 Portege 1415-S173 Portege 1415-S174 Portege 1800 Portege 1800-S202 Portege 1800-S204 Portege 1800-S254 Portege 1805 Portege 1805-S204 Portege 1805-S254 Portege 1805-S274 Portege 2000 Portege 2010 Portege 2100CDS Portege 2100CDT Portege 2100CDX Portege 2105CDS Portege 210CDT Portege 2115CDS Portege 2140XCDS Portege 2180CDT Portege 2210CDT Portege 2210XCDS Portege 2250CDT Portege 2250XCDS Portege 2410 Portege 2410-S203 Portege 2410-S204 Portege 2410-S205 Portege 2410-S206 Portege 2500CDT Portege 2505CDT Portege 2515CDS Portege 2515CDS and 4 Portege 2515CTS Portege 2520CDT Portege 2540CDT Portege 2545CDT Portege 2600 Portege 2610DVD Portege 2615DVD Portege 2715DVD Portege 2800 Portege 2800-S201 Portege 2800-S202 Portege 2805 Portege 2805-S201 Portege 2805-S202 Portege 2805-S301 Portege 2805-S302 Portege 2805-S401 Portege 2805-S402 Portege 2805-S503 Portege 2900 Portege 300CT Portege 3500 Portege 3505 Portege 4000 Portege 4320ZDVD Portege 4340ZDVD Portege 4360ZDVD Portege 4600 Portege 5000 Portege 5005-S504 Portege 5100 Portege 5105-S502 Portege 5105-S607 Portege 5105-S608 Portege 5105-S702 Portege 7000CT Portege 7010CT Portege 7020CT Portege 7140CT Portege 7200 Portege 7200CT Portege 7200CTE Portege 7220CTE Portege A200 Portege M200 Portege M300 Portege M300-100 Portege M300-101 Portege M300-102 Portege M300-104 Portege M300-104Portege M300-105 Portege M300-105 Portege R100 Portege R150 Portege R200 Portege R200-113 Portege R200-128 Portege R200-128Portege R200-142 Portege R200-142 Portege R200-S234 Portege R400 Portege R400-100 Portege R400-106 Portege R400-S4831 Portege R400-S4834 Portege R400-S4835 Portege R400-S4933 Portege R500 Portege R500-106 Portege R500-10J Portege R500-S5001X Portege R500-S5002 Portege R500-S5002X Portege R500-S5003 Portege R500-S5004 Qosmio E10 Satellite 1555CDS Satellite 155CDS Satellite 1800 Satellite 1800-S203 Satellite 1800-S253 Satellite 1805 Satellite 1805-S203 Satellite 1805-S253 Satellite 1805-S273 Satellite 200 Satellite 2060 Satellite 2100 Satellite 2100CDS Satellite 2100CDT Satellite 2100CDX Satellite 2105CDS Satellite 210CDT Satellite 2115CDS Satellite 2140XCDS Satellite 2180CDT Satellite 220 Satellite 2210CDT Satellite 2210XCDS Satellite 2230 Satellite 2250 Satellite 2250CDT Satellite 2250XCDS Satellite 2450 Satellite 2455 Satellite 2455-S3001 Satellite 2455-S305 Satellite 2455-S306 Satellite 2500CDT Satellite 2505CDS Satellite 2505CDT Satellite 2510 Satellite 2515CDS Satellite 2515CDS and 4 Satellite 2515CTS Satellite 2520 Satellite 2520CDT Satellite 2530 Satellite 2540 Satellite 2540CDT Satellite 2545CDT Satellite 2550 Satellite 2590 Satellite 2590CDS Satellite 2590CDT Satellite 2590XDVD Satellite 2600 Satellite 2610 Satellite 2610DVD Satellite 2615DVD Satellite 2650 Satellite 2655XDVD Satellite 2670 Satellite 2710 Satellite 2715DVD Satellite 2740 Satellite 2750 Satellite 2770 Satellite 2800 Satellite 2800-S201 Satellite 2800-S202 Satellite 2805 Satellite 2805-S201 Satellite 2805-S202 Satellite 2805-S301 Satellite 2805-S302 Satellite 2805-S401 Satellite 2805-S402 Satellite 2805-S503 Satellite 2900 Satellite 300 Satellite 310 Satellite 320 Satellite 330 Satellite 4000 Satellite 4000CDS Satellite 4000CDT Satellite 4005CDT Satellite 4010CDS Satellite 4010CDT Satellite 4015CDS Satellite 4015CDT Satellite 4020CDT Satellite 4025CDT Satellite 4030CDT Satellite 4060 Satellite 4070 Satellite 4080CDT Satellite 4090XDVD Satellite 4100XDVD Satellite 4200 Satellite 4260DVD Satellite 4280XDVD Satellite 4280ZDVD Satellite 4320ZDVD Satellite 4340ZDVD Satellite 4360ZDVD Satellite 4600 Satellite 470CDT Satellite 520CDT Satellite 550CDT Sa

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1 Year From Date of Manufacture
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